Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to California

I was back East for several weeks taking care of my Mom. She had a knee replacement and needed quite a bit of help. Poor lady...she needed the strong pain medication but it kept making her nauseous to add insult to injury. I was hoping to see my stitching friends in the area but just didn't have any time and my eyes don't allow me to drive at the moment so it just didn't happen this time.

My sister and my nephew are both getting married in August so maybe I can connect then...

And...We may be moving to Pennsylvania in the next few months. Since I retired we just can't afford to live in California.

I came back to some lovely mail!

From Missy Ann in Texas...mailart! Can you believe this is her first mailart?

I am amazed! The stitching and finishing is first certainly didn't look this good! Have a look...I love fairies so she picked just right! Thanks so much Missy Ann!
Purple Snowman from Shepherd's Bush was waiting as well as the last of the Sea to Shining Sea series from Dear Lois at the Elegant Stitch. If you are looking for a wonderful online store, I highly recommend the Elegant Stitch!


LadyDoc said...

Gorgeous mailart!

If you have to move back here to Pennsylvania I hope you find a wonderful place to live.